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Herbert E. Goodman​
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Herbert E. Goodman founded the world famous Goodman Equipment Corporation of Chicago, Illinois. Throughout the 20th Century, Goodman Equipment was the leading fabricator of mine locomotives and other mining equipment for both coal and hard rock mining. Goodman Equipment was responsible for some of the most important innovations in the mining industry, innovations that can be traced in almost every case the tenure of Herbert Goodman.​

Herbert Goodman immigrated to the United States from England and studied at the University of Chicago before becoming an inventor and manufacturer. He entered the mining industry when he joined his brother-in-law in developing coal cutting machines and mine locomotives for the Link Belt Company. After eleven years, Goodman purchased this branch of Link Belt and organized his own company on April 23, 1900. This company was to become Goodman Equipment Corporation.​

Goodman was the first Treasurer of Goodman Equipment and assumed the responsibilities of General Manager and Head of Operations. In 1905, he became Vice President of the company and continued on as General Manager. He continued in this post until his death in 1917. He was known especially for his energy, perseverance, and creativity.​

Basic designs of Goodman locomotives, cutting machines, and drills paved the way for the mechanization of mines. Portions of machines designed by Goodman were later incorporated into all mine locomotives, cutting machines, and drills.​

Goodman Equipment introduced the first electrical mining locomotive for use in underground mines. The company also introduced especially designed personnel and materials carriers to move men and materials inside the mine, and the company manufactured the first electrical coal cutting machine.​

Goodman Equipment ultimately developed an entire product line of locomotives—both electrical and diesel—for underground mining and tunneling. Sizes ranged from a low of 1.5-ton Mancha Trammers to 50-ton mainline haulers.​

Goodman Equipment was also known for its innovation and introduction of belt conveyors and continuous miners into the coal industry. Long after the death of Herbert Goodman, the company he founded remained one of the most influential and innovative in the mining industry.​

In May 2003, Goodman Equipment Corporation ceased operations. Trident South Africa acquired the global manufacturing and distribution rights for all new Goodman equipment and continues the legacy for product leadership and innovation. ​