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Howard I. Young​
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Howard I. Young was President of the American Lead and Smelting Company (American Zinc Company) from 1930 to 1964. Under his long term of leadership, American Zinc developed the large group of zinc mines in East Tennessee which are continuing operations to the present day.​

He expanded and developed mines and smelters of zinc products for over 35 years, while at the same time serving the industry as longtime President of the American Mining Congress and as a spokesman for mining during two World Wars.​

Young was a founder and early President of the American Zinc Institute and was active in many civic, education, and industry organizations.​

A native of Missouri, at age 19 he joined American Zinc at Carterville, Missouri and, five years later, was named Manager, leading the group of lead-zinc mines during World War I.​

From 1919 to 1928, he managed all mining operations of the company with headquarters at Mascot, Tennessee. He directed the development of major zinc-producing mines, including the Young Mine and Mill which is in full operation today in the largest zinc-producing region in the United States.​

As Operations Vice President, he led the company's expansion with mines in Tennessee, Missouri, Montana, Colorado, and Wisconsin and smelting operations in Illinois, Texas, Arkansas, and Ohio. In 1930, Young was named President and guided the company back to prosperity after the Depression.​

During World War II, he served as Vice Chairman of the War Production Board for minerals and metals. He returned to government service during the Korean War as a Deputy Administrator for materials procurement.​

He received Honorary Doctor of Engineering degrees from the University of Missouri at Rolla and from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, as well as the Doctor of Laws from Lindenwood College. The Young Hall of Science at Lindenwood was named in his honor. In 1964, he was awarded the Charles F. Rand Gold Medal by the AIME.​