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February 17th, 2017 Chocolate, Wine & Beer Tasting Event at the Mine:

Mining companies get a bad rap in the press. No one wants a mine in their back yard. On the other hand everyone wants computers, TV sets, cars, cameras, washing machines, cell phones and all the other good stuff of modern culture. And just about all of that good stuff begins life somewhere in the ground. “The people of mining work hard, safe, and honorably, taking pains to cause as little damage to the environment as possible and remediating that which is inevitable. I have come to admire these dedicated workers, craftsmen, and artisans who transform dirt into the raw material of civilization." Excerpted from an interview with photographer, László Bencze, regarding his exhibition, "Onsite: Men of Mining," at ViewPoint Gallery.                    


László Bencze's "Onsite: Men of Mining," will be on temporary exhibition at the National #Mining Hall of Fame & Museum next year. Don't miss your opportunity to meet the artist and view the exhibit at the Feb. 17th Wine at the Mine wine and beer tasting event!


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