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Logo Contest Announced

January 15, 2021

The Miner’s Pick Chosen as Museum Gift Shop Name

Second Logo Contest Announced


Leadville, Colorado, January 11, 2021 —  The National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum (NMHFM) announced that the winner of its gift shop naming contest is Stephen Schwochow, of Golden, Colorado. The winning entry, The Miner’s Pick, was chosen for its obvious tie in with mining, the potential of using it in different contexts, and the personality it helps to achieve for the museum and its gift shop. As a prize for the winning gift shop name, Schwochow chose a selection of books from the gift shop.

Schwochow is a charter member of the NMHFM and has been an enthusiastic supporter ever since. He holds B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees from the Colorado School of Mines, and worked in the fields of aggregates, industrial minerals and coal seam gas/natural gas research.

Steve says, “I believe that my appreciation for the Museum and its work stems also from my hobby as a practicing “deltiologist.” That is, I collect and study postcards. Over the last thirty years I have collected all manner and vintage of mining- and petroleum-themed cards, including the downstream sectors of the value chain – minerals transportation, processing and manufacturing.”

When asked about his reasons for supporting the NMHFM, Schwochow explains, “Regardless of how one may view working conditions a century ago or more, it’s clear to me that the mines pictured on many of my postcards (and on stamps) were symbolic of economic prosperity. Mining was viewed as an ancient and noble profession and, from their portraits, miners were indeed a proud, hard-working and enduring breed, often multigenerational and thus close-knit. This seems to be reflected in the words “Glṻck auf!” [good luck] that I often see inscribed above the portals of Austrian salt mines, as well as the young French miners posing with the declaration “Vive Ste. Barbe!” [Ste. Barbara being the miners’ patron saint]. This is a history and legacy that must be preserved, at institutions like the National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum.”

The NMHFM is starting a second contest now, for design of a logo for The Miner’s Pick. The prize for this contest will be similar to the first, a specially selected item or items from our gift shop inventory. Entries must follow these guidelines:

  • All entries must be original creations of the artist. Any entries using similar ideas or artistic representations in use by another organization will be disqualified.
  • Logos should use a maximum of 3 colors, one of them being black.
  • There are no specifications of what media the art is created in. However, a digital file must be submitted with the entry in either pdf or jpg format.
  • Logos must reflect the name of the gift shop, as well as the personality of the museum, hall of fame, or gift shop.
  • Logos must present a professional and responsible message and not contain offensive subject matter.
  • Employees of the museum or gift shop and members of the Board of Directors or Board of Governors, and their immediate family members are excluded from entering the competition.
  • Logos will be judged by the staff of the NMHFM, who will each receive one vote. In the event of a tie, the Chairman of the Board of Directors will cast the deciding vote.
  • Entries must be sent electronically by email to: info@mininghalloffame.org.
  • The deadline for contest entries is March 12, 2021 at 11:59 p.m.
  • The prize for the winning entry will be a specially selected item or items from our gift shop inventory.

The Miner’s Pick is located inside the National Mining Hall of Fame & Museum at 120 W 9th Street in Leadville, Colorado. It can also be accessed for safe, online shopping at www.mininghalloffame.org/shop.