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The National Mining Hall of Fame holds more than 250 stories of men and women who achieved lasting greatness in mining and natural resources.

Museum Hours
Sunday-Saturday | 9:00AM - 4:45PM

Matchless Mine Hours, Closing Sept 2
Sunday-Saturday| 9:00AM-2:00PM

Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Years Day

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120 West 9th St. Leadville, CO 80461

Matchless Mine

Take a surface tour to experience the Tabors’ legendary story and see the historic Matchless Mine—a true legacy of the American West.

Mining Hall of Fame

High in the Colorado mountains is a hidden gem—an extraordinary museum to mining. In "the Smithsonian of the Rockies," you'll find four full floors of precious metals and rugged pioneers. Of geology and art. Of old gold pans and brand-new techniques. Uncover mining's mystery and its past and future story…more

Daily | 9:00AM - 4:45PM

120 West Ninth St. Leadville, CO 80461
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Leadville, CO - The National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum (NMHFM) has proudly announced the highly anticipated class of 2023 National Mining Hall of Fame inductees and the recipient of the Prazen Living Legend of Mining Award. These distinguished individuals, hailing from various sectors of the mining industry, will be honored at the 36th annual Induction Gala on October 28, 2023, at the Gaylord Rockies in Aurora, Colorado. This prestigious event will celebrate their remarkable contributions and achievements. The class of 2023 National Mining Hall of Fame inductees includes Richard Adkerson, Chairman and CEO of Freeport-McMoRan, recognized for his long-time advocacy of responsible mining practices and leadership in technological advances. Carolyn Loder, a prominent figure with over four decades of dedication to preserving mining viability and fair treatment of Native Americans and local communities, is also among the honorees. E. Morgan Massey, a champion of coal mining technology and safety, and Albert Reynolds, a successful mining magnate, will be posthumously inducted. Dennis Washington, founder of The Washington Companies, known for his innovative and safe mining practices, completes the esteemed class. The 36th annual Induction Gala will take place on October 28, 2023, at the Gaylord Rockies in Aurora, CO. M. Stephen Enders will serve as the emcee for the event, which promises to be a memorable celebration of the inductees' contributions to the mining industry. The National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum honors the exceptional achievements of individuals who have shaped the mining industry. The class of 2023 inductees represents a diverse group of leaders and visionaries who have made significant contributions to responsible mining, technological advancements, and community engagement. The upcoming Induction Gala on October 28, 2023, will provide a platform to celebrate their accomplishments and recognize their profound impact on the mining industry. Stay updated by visiting the NMHFM website and contact Elizabeth Dinschel, Executive Director, for inquiries and sponsorship opportunities.

Matchless Mine is open for 2023 Season

Leadville, Colorado, known for its rich mining heritage, is preparing to welcome visitors for the 2023 season as the iconic Matchless Mine reopens its doors. Situated near the esteemed National Hall of Fame Mining Museum, this United States national historic site promises a captivating journey into the region's mining legacy, with the fascinating story of Baby Doe Tabor taking center stage. Baby Doe Tabor, a captivating figure in mining lore, became a symbol of perseverance and determination when she married Horace Tabor, a prominent mining tycoon. Their lives were a rollercoaster of fortunes and misfortunes, embodying both incredible wealth and heart-wrenching loss. Baby Doe's unwavering devotion to the Matchless Mine, even in the face of adversity, represents the indomitable spirit of those who sought their fortunes in the Colorado Rockies. As visitors venture into the Matchless Mine, they are transported back in time to an era of resilience and resourcefulness. Expert guides lead surface tours, allowing visitors to witness the remnants of mining equipment, hear echoes of past labor, and gain a deeper understanding of the miners' arduous work. Interactive exhibits, including gold panning, bring the mining experience to life, fostering an appreciation for Leadville's mining heyday and the determination of those who shaped its history. The Matchless Mine, a revered United States national historic site, stands as a testament to Leadville's mining heritage. With its reopening for the 2023 season, this captivating attraction invites visitors to embark on an extraordinary journey through time. From the legendary tales of Baby Doe Tabor to the immersive experiences within its tunnels, the Matchless Mine offers a profound appreciation for the indomitable spirit of the miners who shaped Leadville's history. Don't miss the opportunity to explore this remarkable gem located near the National Hall of Fame Mining Museum and discover the allure of Colorado's mining legacy. Add it it your Leadville bucket-list today and come see this exciting part of our history at the National Historic Site located in the High Country of Colorado!

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Matchless Mine Reservations

Take a surface tour to experience the Tabors’ legendary story and see the historic Matchless Mine—a true…

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So many things to see! So much to learn!  So many amazing rocks to look at and interesting stories to read about! Great hidden GEM!

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Leadville is an amazing day trip for those looking to explore the mountains and learn about Colorado's mining history. Definitely, do not miss this museum! While you're here, go check out the Matchless Mine, a great piece of history that's been preserved...