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From a giant dinosaur footprint to meteorites to realistic walk-through mine replicas, you’ll find plenty of fun things to see. National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum visitors often say they’re surprised at how much they learn. Buy your ticket today!  

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  • Sparkling crystals, in long sword-like formations and in geodes as big as your head.
  • A model railroad showing life in a historic Colorado mining town. Can you find the monkeys someone added just for fun?
  • The minerals in your life: in your toothpaste, soaps, and china, in your milk, greens, and Oreos!
  • Fascinating stories of real-life miners in the Hall of Fame.
  • A tin can in its early days: the raw forms of this familiar mineral.
  • A video on how to catch asteroids in space and mine them. Yes, it’s a thing!
  • Old-time photos and stories of the Tabors’ legendary Matchless Mine, which you can visit in person from Memorial Day to early fall.
  • The story of the Climax mine, the largest resource of molybdenum in the world, just 13 miles from the museum.
  • A shiny red 1923 car made by Wills Sainte Claire, which used Climax molybdenum steel in its gears, shafts, springs, and wheels.
  • Hand-carved dioramas depicting an 1800s hunt for gold—and a joyous find—at Colorado’s ClearCreek.
  • Memorable walk-through mines with dim lighting, the sound of drilling, mazes of ore cart tracks, and mannequins of miners and mules doing their jobs underground.
  • Fluorescent rocks glowing bright orange and neon green in the dark.
  • Fun facts about gold. Did you know that one ounce can be stretched into a wire five miles long?

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Best Family Fun

So many things to see! So much to learn!  So many amazing rocks to look at and interesting stories to read about! Great hidden GEM!

Friendly staff

Leadville is an amazing day trip for those looking to explore the mountains and learn about Colorado's mining history. Definitely, do not miss this museum! While you're here, go check out the Matchless Mine, a great piece of history that's been preserved