Objects: The objects collection encompasses personal mining artifacts including helmets, uniforms and other adornment; communication artifacts including personal symbols, awards, and other memorabilia; tools and equipment for mining; and rock and mineral specimens.

Archives: The archives collection includes historical records in a variety of formats, including manuscripts, periodicals, correspondence, scrapbooks, and booklets pertaining to the mining industry.

Library: The library is composed of published materials including books, periodicals, serials, and atlases in relation to the mining industry.

Photography: The photography collection contains photographic materials ranging from film negatives and transparency slides to digital prints and photo albums, all in relation to the mining industry and/or the Hall of Fame.


Interested in using our library or collections for your research or academic use? Access to our material may be granted upon request. Requests for access must include reason, type of research and outcome (will it be published, personal use, etc.). If you would like to make a research request, please contact us.

If you would like to visit the museum, an advance appointment is required so that we can prepare workspace and supervision. Please contact us.

Please be aware, there will be a research charge of $10.00/hour after the initial free search for desired materials.  


We allow personal photography in all areas of the museum. If you would like to take professional photographs for commercial or publication use, please review our Photography Policy for proper procedure.

Interested in donating an artifact to our collections? Learn how to donate artifacts.


Are you looking for a sample appraisal? Hoping to find information on a former miner? While the museum does not handle these requests, we are happy to refer you to the following sources:


Genealogy and Leadville Mining History
Lake County Library
1115 Harrison Ave.
Leadville, Colorado 80461
Phone: (719) 486-0569

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