This page is about a previous fundraising competition and contains links to see the videos and documents pertaining to the 2020 event.

The Great Debate Professional Bragging Competition and Fundraiser

The Great Debate took place over the first ten months of 2020. It was conceived as a good-natured, fun avenue for discussion and bragging about the mining profession, while generating donations to the National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum.

The Game (or Serious Discussion)

Teams (sectors) of the mining industry’s leading braggarts were enlisted to brag, roast, cajole and otherwise humorously make a case for their supreme importance to civilization. Teams included the following:

  • Geoscientists (geologists, geochemists, geophysics, land)
  • Miners (engineers, equipment operators, blasters, etc.)
  • Metallurgists and Processing People
  • Emerging Leaders (under 40)
  • Women Mining Professionals
  • Environmental/Safety/Governance

From January through October 2020, one sector's position statement was published monthly in SME's Mining Engineering Journal.

You can read each sector's positions by clicking here for the articles as published by SME.

The Finale

On October 30th, The Great Debate concluded with a virtual "Happy Hour" in which the team leaders congregated on a virtual platform to present their final and best arguments. Votes and donations were tabulated to determine that the METALLURGISTS provided the most important work and benefits to society as a whole. They won bragging rights, all sector leaders were awarded an artistic caricature to hang on their portrait wall.

All was in good fun, and the evening ended with good humor and camaraderie.

Scroll down for a look at the final scoreboard. If you would like to watch the full version or clips of the videos from the Finale on October 30th, please choose from below:

DBS Geoscientists
DBS Thanks Supporters
Highlight Video
Marc LeVier Metallurgists
Ruby Barickman for Emerging Leaders
Tim Arnold for Miners
William Lipps for Environmental/Safety
Ann Carpenter & Kelly Ward Women

Full Feature Video of The Great Debate Finale

Published Arguments for each sector from the Mining Journal
Click here to see the monthly arguments presented by the sector leaders.

Great Debate Final Scoreboard

The Metallurgists have won the 2020 Great Debate!!! Thank you to everyone who participated.

Help Your Team Win
Geologists, Geochemists, geophysics, land
Engineers, Equip Operators
and Processing
Emerging Leaders
Under 40
Women Mining Pros
Under 40
Under 40

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